Manresa School


We, the discerning educative family of Manresa School, faithful to the charism of St. Candida Maria de Jesus, envision a Christ-centered community where God is Father and all are brothers and sisters who build a world that loves God, mankind, creation, and country.

We commit to the integral Christian formation of children and youth into mature Christians who:

  • cultivate the culture of excellence and 21st-century skills;
  • uphold life and human dignity and live the values of honesty, simplicity, integrity, inner-directedness, and love for the poor;
  • serve everyone and respond to the present challenges of time in the spirit of stewardship and universalism.

Thus, we become lifelong learners, upright leaders, and useful members of society and Church.

We entrust all our efforts under the maternal guidance of Mary Immaculate, our model.